Pollen Glass Beetle

Pollen Glass Beetle has a wider diffusion filter. Unique design Beetle sits conveniently on an inside corner of an aquarium tank. For a large size tank, Beetle can be placed on multiple numbers of corners. 30Ø is suitable for 90cm size tank, 40Ø for 90-120cm tank, and 50Ø for 120-180cm tank.

* The white diffusing area of the Pollen Glass products is very delicate and easily damaged. Once damaged, it can not be replaced. For cleaning, please use Superge. Do not use brush for cleaning.
* You can connect the Pollen Glass (for AIR) products to an air-pump for supplying aeration at night.
* Please use a silicone tube to the connections of glass product.

Article Code Item
102-103 30Ø for CO2
102-113 30Ø for AIR
102-104 40Ø for CO2
102-114 40Ø for AIR
102-105 50Ø for CO2
102-115 50Ø for AIR