They are designed for softening hard water. The ion-exchange resin inside the Softenizer is stirred up with the outflowing water from the canister filter system. It effectively lowers the hardness of the water. Three sizes are available according to the size of the aquarium tank and the water quality. The appearance of working resin is beautiful visually and does not disturb aesthetic of the aquascape.

Contents /
Softenizer (with suction cup)
Ion-Exchange Resin (250ml)
One-way cock
Silicone tube

Softenizer 20 : Aquarium tank 60cm in length or less / Water with lower total hardness
Softenizer 50 : Aquarium tank 60-90cm in length / Water with slightly high total hardness
Softenizer 300 : Aquarium tank 90cm in length and above / Water with high total hardness

Softenizer 20 50 300
* Diameter Article Code Article Code Article Code
Ø10mm 102-301 102-311
Ø13mm 102-302 102-312 102-322
Ø17mm 102-313 102-323