Solar I

Solar I is a standard pendant style lighting system equipped with a 150W metal halide lamp. The system includes a high quality small electronic ballast. Solar I has a built-in light reflector and can maximize the benefits of a metal halide lamp. Solar I White is new color lineup.


Lighting Unit Size / W360×D240×H80mm
Lighting Unit Weight / 2.5kg
Connection Cord Length / 5m
Power Cord / 2m
Distance between hanging wires / 180mm
Hanging Wire length / 1.5m
Wire Diameter / 1.5mm
Electronic Ballast Size / W250×D75×H62mm
Electronic Ballast Weight / 800g
Equipped with Metal halide lamp and high performance electronic ballast.
(compatible with NA Control Timer)

Equipped Lamp Solar I Solor I white
 with NAMH-150W Lamp 108-047 108-041
 with NAG-150W Green Lamp 108-0471 108-0411
 with 10,000K Lamp 108-049 108-042
 with Blue Light Lamp 108-050 108-043