Super Jet Filter ES-2400 Series

Super Jet Filter ES-2400 series are designed for Cube Garden size from W180×D60×H60cm.
* For a tank in larger sizes, multiple filter systems should be applied. It purifies water of a large size aquarium effectively by a large canister capacity of filtration media, and the pump performance making a strong water current. For freshwater aquarium use only.

Filtration media /
7. ES-2400 Bio Rio L 16L (supplied in net)
8. ES-2400EX Bio Rio L 28L (supplied in net)
9. ES-2400EX2 Bio Rio L 37L (supplied in net)
Common Specification
Flow Rate 27L/min (50Hz) · 31L/min (60Hz)
Maximum Head 3.1m (50Hz) · 4.3m (60Hz)
Accessories / Outflow glass pipe · Inflow glass pipe · Inflow Hose Ø20 (19 / 25mm) · Outflow Hose Ø17 (15 / 20mm) · Hose Band (Large)

No Article Code Item Size Capicity
7 105-1012 ES-2400 Ø280×H555mm 24L
8 105-1015 ES-2400EX Ø280×H770mm 36L
9 105-1018 ES-2400EX2 Ø280×H990mm 48L