Super Jet Filter ES-600 Series

With a robust stainless steel body, Super Jet Filter ES-600 is a highly designed canister filter system. Its mounted pump provides a stable filtration and durability. For Cube Garden: Size from W60×D30×H36cm to W90×D45×H45cm.
*For freshwater aquarium use only.

Filtration media /
1. ES-600 Anthracite (Activated carbon in net) 4L · Bio Cube 20 2L
2. ES-600EX Bio Rio M 8L (supplied in net)
3. ES-600EX2 Bio Rio M 11L (supplied in net)
Common Specification
Flow Rate 5.5L/min (50Hz) · 6.0L/min (60Hz)
Maximum Head 2.1m (50Hz) · 2.7m (60Hz)
Standard Accessories / Outflow glass pipe · Inflow glass pipe · Hose Ø13 (12 / 16mm) · Hose clip
* Different length of Inflow glass pipe matches depending on the aquarium depth of your choice.

No Item Size Capacity For 36cm (H) For 45cm (H)
1 ES-600 Ø180×H420mm 6L 105-701 105-702
2 ES-600EX Ø180×H580mm 9L 105-703 105-704
3 ES-600EX2 Ø180×H750mm 12L 105-705 105-706