Waterfall Ver.2

The steps for placing Wabi-kusa are reduced to two steps and the space for water has increased (depth: 17cm). It is possible to make a simplified layout by spreading sand thinly and placing stone, driftwood or water plants such as fern family. Due to the expanded water space, it is possible to make a selection of fish from many options.

* Waterfall Ver.2 contains special glass made inflow pipe (Ø13) and outflow pipe (Ø13). The water circulates from top to bottom, looks like a waterfall if it is set with external filter, such as Super Jet Filter ES-600. 
* Registered design of ADA

Article Code Size (cm) Glass thickness (mm)
140-834 W60×D45×H45 6
140-835 W90×D45×H45 6
140-836 W120×D45×H45 6

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