Cube Garden Glass Cover

This glass cover is designed for Cube Garden. Install the Glass Cover with supplied stainless-steel hooks to Cube Garden. Two types are available, one piece to cover whole part, D type and two pieces to cover whole part, E type. Choose proper Glass Cover depending on tank size.(there is no feeding hole or diagonal notched corner)

* D type needs 1 piece and E type needs 2 pieces (4 pieces for W180×D60×H60) to cover whole part.

Article Code Size (cm) Glass Cover Size (mm) Type
102-699 W30×D18×H24 240×163 D
102-692 W36×D22×H26 300×203 D
102-694 W30×D30×H30 240×283 D
102-671 W45×D27×H30 389×253 D
102-672 W45×D30×H45 386×281 D
102-695 W45×D45×H45 388×434 D
102-673 W60×D30×H36 528×281 D
102-673 W60×D30×H45 528×281 D
102-681 W60×D45×H45 265×427 E
102-682 W75×D45×H45 340×427 E
102-686 W90×D45×H45(for 10mm glass thickness) 412×426 E
102-686 W90×D45×H60 412×426 E
102-687 W120×D45×H45(for 12mm glass thickness) 560×422 E
102-687 W120×D45×H60 560×422 E
102-687 W180×D60×H60 428×560 E


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