Notice of DOOA System Paluda 30/60, DOOA Neo Glass Paluda 30/60, Paluda Light 30/60

New Product lineup to enjoy Paludarium has been released from DOOA.
DOOA System Paluda 30/60 is a system aquarium tank developed exclusively for Paludarium.
Mist generated from Mistflow can fill up an aquarium tank with Circulation Fan 40, and Jungle Plants that prefer humid environment can be cultivated without failure. And having the glass front doors and slide top glass makes it easy to create layouts and do maintenance, and it is filled with so many clever ideas to enjoy Paludarium.
DOOA Neo Glass Paluda 30/60 is a DOOA System Paluda 30/60 without Mistflow Box. It can be used as a glass cage, and enjoyed growing epiphytes attached on Terra Base easily.
DOOA Paluda Light is lighting equipment developed exclusively for Paludarium. RGB LED lights are adopted for the light source, and because the luminous balance of red, green and blue is optimized, Jungle Plants grow healthily, and leaves and flowers glow beautifully. Please combine this product with DOOA System Paluda 30/60 and DOOA Neo Glass Paluda 30/60, and enjoy the ambiance of a tropical rainforest and the amazing colors.

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