Grand Solar Ⅰ

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Grand Solar Ⅰ is the pendant style lighting system equipped with a combination of a 150W metal halide lamp and two 36W twin fluorescent lamps. This is a flagship model for Nature Aquarium and you can create a variety of environments by changing the combination of lights and adjusting the length of lighting time by a timer.

Light housing unit size / W540×D440×H100mm
Light housing unit weight / 6.5kg
Connection cord length / 5m
Power cord length / 2m
Distance between two hanging wires / 340mm
Hanging wire length / 1.5m
Wire Diameter / 1.5mm
Electronic ballast size / W252×D75×H62mm
Electronic ballast weight / 780g
Voltage(Metal Halide Lamp) / AC100V・200V・242V 50/60Hz
Voltage(Fluorescent Lamp) / AC100V 50/60Hz
Equipped with Metal Halide Lamp 150W, NA Lamp 36W Twin ×2 and high performance electronic ballast. (compatible with NA Control Timer)
Metal halide lamp and fluorescent lamp have different power sources so that both lamps can be controlled separately.

Article Code Item
108-055 with NAMH-150W / NA Lamp 36W Twin ×2
108-0551 with NAG-150W Green / NA Lamp 36W Twin ×2
108-056 with 10,000K Lamp / NA Lamp 36W Twin ×2
108-057 with Blue Light Lamp / NA Lamp 36W Twin ×2