Grand Solar II

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Grand Solar II is a pendant style lighting system equipped with four 36W twin fluorescent lamps. A low-heat-radiating electronic ballast which make exercised the function of NA Lamp 36W twin maximally is integrated in the system. The pendant style system is ideal for releasing out heat and prevents the increase in temperature. Designed for a tank between 75cm and 90cm in length.

Lighting Housing Unit Size / W540×D440×H100mm
Lighting Housing Unit Weight / 4.5kg
Connection Cord Length / 5m
Distance between hanging wires / 340mm
Hanging wire length / 1.5m
Wire Diameter / 1.5mm
Equipped with NA Lamp 36W Twin ×4 and internal electric ballast. (compatible with NA Control Timer)

Article Code Item
108-058 with NA Lamp 36W Twin ×4