Solar RGB Stand

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A highly durable, simple designed stand for supporting SOLAR RGB light fixture. It is designed to be attached to a wooden aquarium stand, such as WOOD CABINET, with the provided Mounting brackets, which comes along with the stand. This stand can be installed on GARDEN STANDS with a GARDEN STAND FITTING PART sold separately.

*It is NOT compatible with PLAIN CABINET and CUBE CABINET.
*SOLAR RGB STAND W120cm / W180cm are Made-to-Order Items. Duration of production / Approx. 4 Weeks

Article Code Item
108-177 For W60×D30cm
108-178 For W60×D45cm from right side
108-179 For W60×D45cm from left side
108-180 For W90×D45cm
108-182 For W120cm (Made-to-Order Item)
108-181 For W180cm (Made-to-Order Item)