Release Notice of Green Manner Eco Bag

“Green Manners” is advocated by ADA as an awareness campaign for preventing non-native plants from being released into the outdoor environment.
“Green Manner Eco Bag” with its original logo is available now.
Because this reusable shopping bag is aluminum insulated inside, it is not easily affected by the outside temperature. It is perfect for carrying tropical plants and aquatic plants when you purchase them at a store. Because it has plenty of room, inflated fish transport bags can be stored up to 3 bags in the Green Manner Eco Bag. And because it can be compactly rolled up and stored, please carry around this Green Manner Eco Bag when you shop at ADA retailers.

Size (Bag except handles): W410×D175×H315(mm)
When folded: About W160×D95(mm)

It can be compactly rolled up and stored.

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